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Wave of Life

PO Box 519

Barnegat Light, NJ 08006

Giving Back

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The Rhino Orphanage:  The world's first dedicated baby rhino orphanage with the goal of releasing them back into the wild.  These helpless, defenseless orphaned babies need love, a life, a home and the chance to receive the greatest gift of all – freedom.  (South Africa)

Rescue Badge

Wild is Life and ZEN:  A Genuine Wildlife Sanctuary for orphaned and injured animals, including Elephant calves who require specialized care.  (Zimbabwe)

Animal Protection Society of Person County:  A group of dedicated volunteers that open up their hearts and homes to the unwanted, neglected, or in danger animals to provide vetting and place them in loving homes.  (North Carolina, USA)























The Community Workshop:  With the skills that these women gain, they learn valuable skills that allow them to rise above poverty.  Through this program, they learn to make beautiful jewelry and provide for their families.  (Mexico)





















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