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Inspiration and Bravery

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     Inspiration and bravery comes in all shapes and forms.  My children inspire and motivate me every single day.  This past week, I watched my son Dylan attend his first day on the school swim team. (The night before, he told me he felt nervous, and would feel better if I came.)  The day was a big deal, as it was a year in the planning for him to be able to join his classmates, to be a part of this with all of them.

     You see, Dylan has cerebral palsy and has very limited motor skills.  He is also blind (he has cortical visual impairment). I felt so thoroughly inspired, proud, and thrilled when he laughed and smiled the entire time in the water.  He was right in the thick of it with all the other kids. I smile now as I think of it...  It is a great reminder of how many things in the world are possible for him, for all of us, if we are just willing to be brave.