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Flirting with Summer

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It’s that time of year. Summer is playing hard to get- consistently flirting and sending mixed messages. I’m confused and doing my best to court her - slipping on lighter jackets, wearing sunnies and beckoning for the sun to stay out a bit longer. When the sun is in agreeable mood and decides to hang in the sky I go back in time, feeling like a 15 year old as I throw on a tee and jeans and find myself playing outside in the streets. Skating up and down the smooth pavement with with a couple of friends, just coasting and gliding along and letting the sun dance on my skin. This past weekend I even brought a rope along to tie behind my bike. My friends and I took turns towing each other up and down the streets so we could just coast and carve on our boards; surfing the streets of Brooklyn.

And before I know it, I’ll blink a couple of times and those never ending days filled with sand and salt will arrive. The waves will be lapping at my toes and my skin will smell of bananas and coconuts. And as I wait for summer to come back my way, I do my best to take advantage of the weather I’m dealt each day- which in the NorthEast can be anything from snow to rain to a beautiful spring day.


(Photo: Jorge Quinteras)